About Us

Hello, I am Paul McGuinness.

I was born and bred in Rhyl, North Wales. I am the youngest of a local sporting family. We played a lot of football and golf.

We do have our own family now, two boys and a girl. 

I worked for Manweb,Scottish power for over twenty years, before which I completed an electrical apprenticeship with Geoff Williams of Rhuddlan road.

I attended Kelsterton college on a day release basis for four years. During my apprenticeship I worked on local sites with companies like Anwyls etc. House re-wires, light industrial and commercial. I have worked on electronics from component level, and right through the spectrum to working on L.V. and H.V. networks at Manweb.

 I like to keep active, and have never stopped taking courses for one thing and another. Last year I passed my private pilots exam and can be seen every now and then, flying over the local skies in a Piper PA28.

All the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years, along with the techniques and procedures, I have honed into my business. You can be assured that we will give you the thorough and full attention that every job deserves. There is no room for complacency in my personal or work life. Some of you already know us, what we are about and our intentions are to build an even bigger reputation that goes before us. Andrew my son is on board, he is our central heating engineer. We also have a back up of local tradesmen and consultants, so nothing is left to chance. We like the challenge of any job, and it's possible, this will lead to more recruitment locally.

As stated we carry out a number of electrical and plumbing/heating services. We really do work to a very high standard. We are here as a local business for local people, people who we care about, and whom we wish to keep happy. Hopefully they shall return to us again and again, and pass our details onto future clients. They shall do this only if we keep our standards high. We have monitoring processes in place that will flag up, so that we retain our high standards.

So come on, let us work together. Call us now on 01745 343582 or 07921 086630 Lets see what we can do for you.


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