We are in the business of house re-wires. Complete installations on new buildings, (homes and commercial premises).

We carry out minor works,such as: installing sockets and lights, minor repairs, moving electrical points,installing Shower and cooker circuits,entire kitchens or conservatories and utility rooms..

Security Systems
Home Security is a serious business. From outside lights to Intruder or fire alarm systems & video surveillance. We understand the importance of safety for both your family and home.

Test & Inspections
Make sure your property is in a good state of service. There are statutory regulations which are now in force with regards to testing electrics in your property. These regulations are more stringent for public places, and we can give landlords certificates for their rented properties.

Office Systems
Door entry, security and general network cabling, for data and speech. Fire alarm and emergency lighting - we can do the whole package.

Solar Panels
We can fit Solar panels to your roof, giving you benefits of cheaper electric, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.The monetary benefits are less than they were last year, yet still a very good deal


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